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Philips DreamWear Gel Pillows Fitpack

Philips DreamWear Gel Pillows Fitpack

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Philips new gel pillow variant for the Dreamwear mask. This mask comes with the standard existing Dreamwear frame, headgear and wraps but includes the new gel pillows which sit snuggly into the nostril, instead of the existing under the nose seals.

The DreamWear Gel Nasal CPAP Mask with Headgear - Fit Pack (All Cushions Included with Medium Frame) is a minimal contact mask designed to help accommodate users of multiple sleeping positions. 





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  • Innovative Tubelike Frame
  • Multiple Cushions Included
  • Hose Connection at Top of Head
  • Fabric Wraps Included

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Key Features

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Product Features 

Innovative Tubelike Frame

The DreamWear CPAP Mask frame is designed to allow airflow to pass through it to reach the nasal cushion. The frame is a single piece with connections for the hose elbow, headgear, and nasal cushion. If one side of the frame is closed by being laid on, the airflow can pass entirely through the other side without negatively effecting therapy pressure. The medium frame is included with this fit pack, but is available in other sizes for separate purchase if needed. The DreamWear frames and cushions are interchangeable, so any size frame will fit any size cushion.

 Multiple Cushions Included

The DreamWear Fit Pack includes all three sizes of DreamWear nasal cushions: small, medium and large. Any size cushion will fit any size frame, so once the desired fit is found, replacements in only the desired size can be purchased. This fit pack includes the medium frame which will fit most users.

Hose Connection at Top of Head

The Dreamwear frame is designed with the elbow at the crown of the head, allowing the hose to be routed above the user for optimal comfort. This design will help alleviate tug on the front of the mask enabling a more stable seal during the night. The elbow is free to swivel inside the connection to help active sleepers maintain proper placement of the mask as sleeping positions change.

Fabric Wraps Included

The DreamWear includes two fabric wraps which feature hook and loop fasteners for quick and easy placement on the mask frame. The wraps are intended to be placed on the cheek portion of the frame to increase comfort and further help alleviate irritation.


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