Will my Private Health cover me?

I have private health cover, is there any rebate for the purchase of an oxygen concentrator or mobility equipment?


A selection of the larger Australian private health funds.

Australian Unity Health Ltd 13 29 39 http://www.australianunity.com.au     

BUPA Australia Ltd 134 135 http://www.bupa.com.au     

CUA Health Ltd 133 282 http://www.cuahealth.com.au

GMF Health 1300 653 099 http://www.gmfhealth.com.au    

GMHBA Ltd 1300 446 422 http://www.gmhba.com.au

HBF Health Ltd 133 423 http://www.hbf.com.au  

HCF 13 13 34 http://www.hcf.com.au     

HIF Ltd 1300 134 060 http://www.hif.com.au   

Health Partners 1300 113 113 http://www.healthpartners.com.au     

Medibank Private Ltd 1300 731 744134 190 http://www.medibank.com.au     

NIB Health Funds Ltd 13 16 42 http://www.nib.com.au   

Peoplecare Health Insurance 1800 808 690 http://www.peoplecare.com.au

Westfund Ltd 1300 937 838 http://www.westfund.com.au

O2 - Oxygen Concentrator, Australia has 36 private health funds registered under the Private Health Insurance Act 2007.

The above funds have been chosen as they are the larger funds. The information has been gleaned from either a direct call to the company or by visiting their website. In many cases the information is not always apparent.

As a general guide please always contact your health fund. A rebate may be possible if you ask the specific question of your fund.

Rebates on medical devices and mobility aids are linked to your type and level of cover as well as in some cases with your years with the fund. Some rebates form part of the hospital package, but most often they are included under the extras component.

There are a wide variety of benefits provided by the different private health funds, with some offering ‘Wellness’ or ‘Health Support’ programs where you may be able to access specific training in areas such as managing COPD.

A number of funds will provide some assistance with the purchase of an oxygen concentrator. No health fund appears to provide a rebate on any electric mobility aids for example a mobility scooter or an electric powerchair.

Most commonly there is some rebate for the purchase or hire of a wheelchair and in many cases a walking frame. Please call your health fund to discuss your specific situation.


The information contained in this article aims to assist the public to be better informed. No content should be taken as final and members of the public should always contact their health fund directly to obtain full and up-to-date information.