Why use a Humidifier Bottle with your In-home Concentrator?

Why use a Humidifier Bottle with your In-home Concentrator

One of the potential adverse effects of using supplementary oxygen with an in-home continuous flow concentrator is dry nasal passages.

Extreme discomfort from sore and scabby nasal membranes through to frequent nose bleeds, can be experienced by people.

A humidifier bottle attached to an in-home concentrator moistens the air. The oxygen passes through water before coming out of the concentrator and being breathed in via either a mask or nasal cannula.

There are a few key things to remember when using a humidifier bottle.

  1. Only fill to the maximum level marked on the bottle. Filling above this level may cause water to be pushed into the concentrator, causing damage to the unit. It is recommended to use distilled water wherever possible as this prevents potential mineral build up occurring if using tap water.
  2. Always check the water level through the day and refill if the level falls below the minimum level marked on the bottle.
  3. Empty the bottle daily. Wash the lid and bottle using a mild detergent, rinse thoroughly and either dry with a clean cloth, or air dry.
  4. Refill with distilled water Attaching the humidifier to your in-home concentrator Once the bottle has been filled to the required level: Make sure the lid is screwed on firmly and the wing nut of the humidifier is securely attached to the oxygen source

Attach the nasal cannula to the protruding end piece on the top of the bottle.

If the concentrator is on - you will feel the flow of oxygen from this part. Turn on your concentrator to the required setting.

The humidifier supplied by EasyOxygen is equipped with a safety valve. The safety valve acts as a warning device and will emit either an intermittent or continuous sound as it releases excess pressure to the atmosphere.

If this occurs, check the tubing to ensure there is no kinking or blockage, before resuming usage of the humidifier. Whilst humidifier bottles are designed to be disposable, if you follow the above general guidelines you can safely reuse your humidifier bottle for in-home use.

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