Portable Oxygen Concentrator With autoSAT(tm) Sequel Eclipse 5 was developed to give portability to those on oxygen therapy requiring continuous flow (such as CPAP and BIPAP).

Sequel Eclipse 5 is capable of producing up to 3lpm continuous flow and up to 6lpm in pulse flow of medical grade oxygen (90%) which gives freedom for all capacity levels.

World wide airline travel is also possible with its FAA approved status as well as the included multi-voltage power supply kit. All that is required is the correct wall socket plug.

Lightest 3lpm continuous concentrator in the world Provides continuous flow and pulse dose options Low-maintenance and low power-consuming system AC/DC and rechargeable power cartridge extends therapy time and patient travel No more waiting for cylinder deliveries and replaces bulky equipment FAA approved for commercial airline travel Accessory options that support an active lifestyle.

Technical Specifications

Pulse & Constant Flow Delivery On-Demand with AutoSAT (tm) up to 6 litres per min + 3 additional bolus settings.

Up to 3LPM cont. flow Battery, Car & Mains Powered Mains Power (100-240v AC) & In Car (12v DC).

Rechargeable Battery Cartridge 1.3 to 5.4 Hours Battery Life Depending on flow rate and delivery mode the SeQual Eclipse 5 can deliver up to 5.4 hours battery life 8.3 Kgs in Weight The Eclipse 5 weighs 8.3 Kgs (18.4lbs).

Supplied with Large Wheel Enhanced Cart FAA Approved The SeQual Eclipse 5 has been approved to be taken on selected airlines & used on board flights.


1x SeQual Eclipse 5 Portable Oxygen Concentrator

2x Rechargeable Lithium Battery (additional batteries available for purchase)

1x Eclipse Carry Trolley

1x AC Power supply kit

1x 12v DC Car PowerSupply kit

1x Eclipse 5 User Manual

1x Free Delivery Australia Wide

1x Years Supply of Soft Tip Nasal Cannulas (12) Eclipse 5 Brochure (PDF) SeQual registered Airlines(QANTAS) / Ships /Trains List of Australian Approved Airlines

*Eclipse 5 is currently available for free In-Home Trials throughout: Queensland New South Wales Victoria

** Contact us regarding interest free payment plans available Note: Doctors Prescription Required for purchase of oxygen concentrators. We currently have free In-Home trials available in most areas of  NSW & QLD. A trial will allow you to decide on the correct concentrator to suit your lifestyle.

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