Does my oxygen concentrator need servicing?

Low maintenance technology at its best 

Created with living and convenience in mind, most portable mini oxygen concentrators have been designed to be as low maintenance and intuitive as possible.

Featuring a sophisticated filter and sensor system, regardless of the brand you opt for, your portable unit will not require a scheduled, routine service which can become a financial drain on a yearly basis with cars for example. But rather, once the oxygen purity drops below a certain level, a sensor is triggered and an alarm alerts the user for the need to obtain a service.

Working with you to be as user-friendly as possible, many units such as the Inova Activox 4LPM will display exactly what is happening inside your unit on an easy to read LCD display screen.

Simplicity at its best.

Portable Mini Oxygen Concentrators warranty

Get loaned one while yours is serviced

So what happens if your portable mini oxygen concentrators alarms?

For your peace of mind, it’s essential to have the backup and support of the team you purchased your unit from.

At Easy Oxygen, our service department is second to none. Our highly trained, friendly staff will walk you through the problem, step by step to find a solution. Should your portable oxygen concentrator require a repair, under warranty, we are the only company in Australia to offer a loan machine so you never need to go without.

As your safety-net, we take care of the full repair process – from getting the machine to the manufacturer and following up the repair report to communicate any issues to you.

There are also a few simple steps you can do to ensure the longevity of your portable oxygen concentrator. Across the board of different brands, keeping your external unit vents dust free will ensure the internal filter is working optimally.

Likewise, water is not good for your portable oxygen concentrator and it should be avoided at all costs – for example ensuring your unit is kept out of any humid environments such as steamy bathrooms.