What is the best CPAP Machine Dreamstation CPAP Pro

If you find that you’re having difficulties sleeping at night due to uneasy or obstructed breathing, you may have sleep apnoea. CPAP stands for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure, and CPAP machines have been developed over the years as a modern solution for sleep apnoea and chronic snoring. They work by blowing a steady and consistent stream of air at a pressure high enough to ensure that one’s airways are kept fully open throughout sleep. They are generally small enough to fit on a bedside table, while also being easy to use and highly effective for sleep therapy. CPAP machines negate the need for complex or large set ups, which make them incredibly ideal for nightly use and convenience while travelling.

With various options inundating the market bearing different usage features and innovations, choosing the best CPAP machine to suit your needs and lifestyle can be confusing. Let’s walk through some of the features of our latest CPAP models to see which is best suited for you.

Two Types of CPAP Machines: Fixed & Auto

Before diving into the exact models, it’s important to understand that there are two main types of CPAP machines: Fixed pressure, and Automatic pressure. While the two physical machines are often indistinguishable in look and size, the difference between them lies in the way they work to circulate air and set the delivered air pressure.

Fixed pressure CPAP machines are standard and based on the original way the machines were developed, delivering sleep therapy through a constant, manually set air pressure. Automatic pressure CPAP machines have a slightly more advanced circulatory system, which will assess your breathing and react and adjust to how much air pressure is appropriately required to keep your airways open. This depends on a multitude of factors, such as changes in breathing patterns throughout the night, if you’re sick and have irregular breathing as a result, or just general changes in weight, medication and lifestyle. As a result, Automatic CPAP machines tend to deliver more accommodating sleep therapy, but are also more expensive than standard Fixed pressure CPAP machines.

 What is the best CPAP Machine Dreamstation CPAP Pro

DreamStation CPAP Pro Humidifier w/Heated Tube and Cellular

The DreamStation CPAP Pro is Philips Respironics’s most advanced and up-to-date CPAP model that delivers a fixed, set air pressure throughout the night. The pressure is decided by an auto trial mode, which for 30 days will automatically shift up and down to find which setting is best for you before locking it in place. Following its predecessor (the System One series), the DreamStation is almost 20% smaller, 30% lighter and 60% quieter, with a sleek and modern-looking design.

The front-facing, colour LCD menu screen features an intuitive menu system that emulates smartphone navigation, making it easy to understand and use. It has a highly detailed ‘Setup Menu’ giving you control while also providing detailed sleep statistics and data. The built in Blue-Tooth option allows this information to be synched and mapped out on mobile, tablet or desktop platforms. Wi-Fi and cellular modem options are also available, which can help with sharing data and connecting with the care team.

The DreamStation series also introduces a new feature called the SmartRamp. This works by exerting a low air pressure to begin so that you are able to fall asleep. From there, it will gradually increase the air pressure up till the amount that you have manually set. This will ensure that you can comfortably ease into an optimum night’s sleep.

It also comes with an easy-to-clean Humidifier chamber that securely snaps onto the back, with Respironics Dry Box Design to ensure that water leakage is minimized and unlikely to damage the rest of the CPAP machine. So no mess. And no fuss. The Heated Tube together with the Humidifier monitors the humidity in the sleeping environment to deliver the perfectly balanced temperature and humidity. The heated tubing ensures that the air will not cool before it reaches the mask, and retains a comfortable flow of moist and comfortable breathing air.

If you’re looking for a robust, reliable and new gen CPAP that will provide one level of air pressure all night, while also providing comprehensive sleep and breathing data, the DreamStation Pro is a fantastic option. It is recommended for more serious users who are looking to have a hands-on approach and greater involvement in their sleep apnoea treatment.

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DreamStation Automatic Cellular Humidifier CPAP Machine

The DreamStation Automatic Cellular Humidifier CPAP Machine is the automatic pressure system version of the DreamStation Pro. Again, it is appropriate for serious users who are looking to become more involved in monitoring and observing their sleep apnoea. It may however, be a more appropriate and convenient choice for those who are unable to continually retake the titration tests that point to what the optimal CPAP air pressure level is for you. The Automatic air pressure system will change accordingly to your breathing needs, should they change alongside shifts within your lifestyle, weight, environment or body. It will also remain reactive to your breathing every night, lowering if there is any distress or changes in your needs. This will ensure that you will always have the most comfortable sleep possible. You can also set it to a fixed pressure if you decide that it works better for you, which gives you that bit of extra choice and flexibility.

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DreamStation Go CPAP with Bluetooth.

The DreamStation Go by Philips Respironics is one of the smallest CPAP machines on the market. Weighing in at just under 1 kilogram, with dimensions roughly 15cm x 15cm x 6cm, it is half the size of the DreamStation platform, and has one third fewer components. It also comes with slim and extremely light 12mm tubing to minimise required storage space and increase portability with its compact nature.

One of the other most notable features of the DreamStation Go CPAP is that it has the option to add an integrated rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which means that it can provide cordless CPAP therapy for up to 13 hours. It also has a built in USB port for easy charging. The DreamStation Go battery is also FAA-approved, which makes it safe to bring with you on airplane flights without any trouble at security. The smaller size is also more discreet and makes it easy to pop into your carry-on luggage.

The Bluetooth feature allows you to sync your data with the DreamMapper app, giving you great and detailed information on your sleep and breathing patterns and monitor your therapy progress. The Smart Ramp mode is adjustable for the period of time between 0-45 minutes, and also features 1 to 3 Flex settings to reduce air pressure upon exhalation to make it feel more natural and better mimic normal breathing motions.

If you’re constantly on the move, whether it be for business of pleasure, the DreamStation Go is a fantastic option to enable you to access sleep therapy wherever, whenever. Weekend away? Off-grid camping trip? Overnight flight? No worries.

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DreamStation Go CPAP with Bluetooth and Humidifier

This model has all the features of the DreamStation Go that we just discussed, but is also fitted with an additional Humidifier feature. Having air consistently blown through one’s airways for hours can in some cases result in nasal, mouth or throat dryness and soreness. The humidifier extension will gently warm and evaporate water stored in its vessel, which will deliver mild, moist air into the airways, making it more comfortable for the user throughout sleep and when they wake up. A unique feature to this humidifier is that it is compatible to use either tap, bottled or distilled water, once again making it more convenient during travel.

If you’re set on reaping the benefits of the compact DreamStation Go, but also happy to spend a little extra for a more comfortable, optimum sleeping experience, this one's for you.

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DreamStation Go Auto CPAP with Bluetooth

The DreamStation Go Auto CPAP with Bluetooth is the same as the original DreamStation Go, but with an automatic pressure system rather than the fixed pressure system. This means it’ll react with the environment and your breath and regulate itself accordingly. This may be particularly appropriate if you tend to travel a lot, specifically on airplanes where the air pressure surrounding you may fluctuate. With an active and on-the-go lifestyle, this CPAP machine can follow you everywhere without you having to worry about retesting and constantly tweaking the air pressure to suit your needs.

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DreamStation Go Auto CPAP with Bluetooth and Humidifier

This DreamStation Go Auto has the most bells and whistles when it comes to the DreamStation Go CPAP line. With all the features of the prior discussed Go Auto CPAP’s, this one is also fitted with a Humidifier to prevent throat and mouth dryness, sneezing and discomfort. If you’re looking for maximum comfort and a high functioning, yet compact CPAP machine, the DreamStation Go Auto CPAP with Bluetooth and Humidifier is perfect for you.

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In considering choosing the best CPAP machine for your sleep therapy needs, it is important to weigh up these different factors:

  • Fixed pressure or automatic – do you find you have constantly changing breathing patterns? Do you want a CPAP machine that is reactive to your breathing?
  • Budget – automatic CPAP machines can cost $100-$400 more than fixed CPAP machines due to their more advanced system, and additional accessories will also cost more depending on what you desire.
  • Personal preferences – do you prefer simplicity or are you more inclined to comfort maximising CPAP machines?
  • Lifestyle – are you constantly on the move? Do you need something portable and more discreet? Does your body, weight and health fluctuate frequently?
  • Sleep position – whether you prefer sleeping on your back or side, comfort and suitability depends more on the mask that you choose to pair with your CPAP machine. Browse our range of nasal masks and headgear here.
  • Medical needs – it is important to refer to your prescription or to your sleep specialist or GP when deciding what you require and what will work best for you.

If you’re still unsure as to what is the best CPAP machine for you, or are interested in starting an interest-free payment plan today, contact us here to have a chat and get you started on the path to a good night’s rest.