7 Good Reasons why the SimplyGo Mini is the Best Portable Oxygen

If you are looking for a light weight, high output portable oxygen concentrator, then the Simply Go Mini ticks all the boxes.

Your Simply Go Mini will accompany you wherever you go, providing you with medical grade oxygen and allowing you to continue to live your life much as before you were required to take supplementary oxygen. 

It’s so portable! The Simply Go Mini by Philips Respironics is cleverly packaged in an easy to carry bag, with an attached handle. A shoulder strap is also supplied if you prefer to wear the unit either over your shoulder or across your body.

The shoulder strap also allows you to hang the Mini across the handles of a walker or wheelchair. Anyone using a mobility scooter can usually fit the Mini into the front basket, although you do have to make sure there is plenty of ventilation for the unit to take in fresh air, expel the nitrogen and to cool itself.

A patient gardening with Go Mini portable oxygen

Anyone who wants to walk, garden or perhaps play golf or participate in a wide range of other activities can purchase the sleek, modern and practical backpack giving you hands free movement.

Weighing in at 2.3kg (standard battery) and 2.7kg (extended battery), the Mini weighs a little more than a 2 litre container of milk (standard) and less than a 3 litre container of milk (extended)! Battery life The Simply Go Mini exceeds all other POCs of the same size in the market!

At a battery life of up to 9 hours on a setting of 2, you are assured of a worry free day when out with the Mini. You have the choice of a standard battery or an extended battery.

The standard battery at setting 2 will provide up to 4.5 hours. Some people prefer the standard battery as it still offers good battery life and reduces the overall weight of the unit by just under half a kilogram.

Built in Capacity When you purchase a portable oxygen concentrator, it is important to consider if your oxygen needs may change over time.

Some people owing to a number of reasons will never increase their oxygen dose, however in other medical conditions, regrettably a person’s oxygen needs will most likely increase over time.

The Simply Go Mini has pulse settings from 1 to 5, giving good future capacity in the event that you do have to increase your oxygen dose.

Excellent warranty Another great feature of the Mini is the excellent warranty of 3 years for the unit. The sieve bed (filter) has a 12 month warranty and in most cases will need to be replaced around 12 months.

This varies with each unit, how it is used and the type of environment it is used in. Batteries and accessories carry a 90 day warranty.

Both batteries and accessories seldom experience any problems. [gap] Smart attractive design The Simply Go Mini doesn’t only outperform most of its competitors, it also looks good!

Go Mini portable oxygen

The clean stream lined design allows the Mini to ‘blend’ in. It is compact and easy to carry, looking much like a shoulder bag.

The neutral rich brown colour of the carry bag only adds to its appeal. It’s easy to swop batteries with a simple unzipping of the carry bag.

An extension pocket at the base of the carry bag allows greater capacity if using the extended battery.

Charging is also easy with clearly marked dots to help you align the charger cable. Easy to read user screen Two simple presses of the on button will turn the mini on and off.

The backlit display screen makes it easy to see your setting as well as remaining battery life. A convenient ‘Home’ button brings you back to the screen to check battery life throughout the day if necessary.

TGA approved Most importantly…all Philips Respironics oxygen concentrators are approved for sale/use in Australia by the Therapeutics Goods Administration.

They are also approved for travel with most airlines, although you should always check with any airline you are planning on travelling with beforehand.

So, what are you waiting for. Call today to have a chat with one of our oxygen specialists!